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Espicom Business Intelligence Ltd and Espicom Inc (‘Espicom’) recognise the importance that you place on your data protection rights when using the Internet. This policy has been prepared to inform you of how any information that you voluntarily provide to Espicom via our blog will be used and what choices you have.

Data collected on this blog is held by Espicom Business Intelligence and may be used for marketing and customer services purposes by Espicom Business Intelligence or Espicom Inc as appropriate. Espicom takes every

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Requests for personal details vary according to the type of online form you complete but are, in all instances, primarily to give Espicom the opportunity to contact you, either as a direct response to a request or to follow-up a request for the provision of Espicom information. Some information requests (such as ‘How did you hear about Espicom?’) may form part of an internal marketing survey and be used for analysis by Espicom. This information is solely for use by Espicom and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Personal data is only collected openly through the use of forms you complete and submit. Unless otherwise stated, Espicom will hold your details on file for future targeted marketing campaigns.

If you have completed a registration form for an Intelligence Update, each Update you receive will include an ‘unsubscribe’ facility should you no longer wish to receive information in this way.

The only information Espicom has about you is provided by you. For this reason, if any of your contact details change and you wish to continue to receive information from Espicom, please inform us of the changes. Full contact details for Espicom are available on the ‘Contact us‘ page on the Espicom website

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