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New to the Medical Technology Blog this month, we are going to be presenting various medical market country profiles, provided by Espicom Business Intelligence.

By 2016, the global medical device market will approach US$350 billion, an yearly average growth of 5% from 2011. This growth will likely be achieved in the face of health under pressure to contain costs and against market demands for even more effective products.

The national market is still the working environment in which companies have to work. Domestic priorities set the agenda that affects a company’s operations, and the prevailing political outlook, financial performance, cultural and demographic trends and cultural views need to beboth understood and planned for medical market analysis which provides real insight, incorporating principal resource material – much of it translated into English for the first time – with Espicom’s vast healthcare business database, medical market reports present you with a complete review of key established and emerging markets around the globe.

Any investment in market information must make a real return with regards to market knowledge and business efficiency. That demands the information is of the highest quality, thoroughly researched with primary sources together with insightful analysis and forecasts. Our team of analysts – with science, language and analysis skills – work full time to generate medical market information that is second to none. With medical market reports you receive a comprehensive market assessment upon which you can rely.

This month’s featured reports are as follows;

  •     Brazil medical device market
  •     China medical device market
  •     Egypt medical device market
  •     Greece medical device market
  •     Italy medical device market

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