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New report published – Cardiovascular Device Companies: Surveying the Global Competitive Landscape

This week sees the release of a new report published by Espicom Business Intelligence entitled Cardiovascular Device Companies – Surveying the global competitive landscape.

Whilst it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that the cardiovascular device market is a fast changing industry, it’s often very difficult to view these changes close up. It’s been seven years since we produced our first report focused on the Cardiovascular sector, and those changes keep on coming as we head towards 2013.

For a period of time, much of the focus was all about drug-eluting stents, and for a while at least the technology looked like fulfilling its potential. In truth, the technology has faced a perfect storm of bad news that has dogged its progress. First up, there was the pricing and cost-effective issue, then came subsequently panned EU data that suggested restenosis rates were just too high and last of all, this seemingly relentless worldwide recession came along and neatly priced potential customers out of the technology.

Last year came the unexpected news that continued declines in DES sales had persuaded Cordis to quit the industry. But it’s not all doom and gloom because the removal of a major competitor might actually reduce overcapacity in the sector. Technological improvements have come in the form of biodegradeable DESs and lessons have been learned in terms of product development and research.

The issue of reabsorbable DESs also features in the report overview section – a 14-page look at the regulatory climate in the US and in Europe. As Abbott stands poised to get marketing approval for its Absorb bioabsorbable vascular scaffold more than 18 months after European authorities gave its approval, we examine whether the FDA needs to more to bridge this gap or whether the EU system is just too quick for its own good.

It’s not just DESs that are the focus of attention. Edwards Lifesciences is also enjoying the fruits of long-term research and working its way through the somewhat unpredictable FDA pathway to get commercial release of its Sapien transcatheter heart valve. And boy, is the cash rolling in for the company in the US, where it dominates the market! Last year, transcatheter heart valve sales for Edwards jumped by over 60 per cent and now total US$334 million. That technology seems to have taken an age to get to the US market and some say the delay has effectively cost thousands of lives that could have been saved. Strong criticism indeed!

A detailed review of over 60 companies

This year the report has 60 companies that span the full breadth of the cardiovascular device field, ranging from cardiac rhythm management to interventional cardiology. Interestingly, after a long period of research and product fine tuning, the market for cardiac assist devices, such as ventricular assist devices, implantable heart replacement devices and other similar devices look to be approaching the first stage in the commercial endgame. The tell-tale sign is further consolidation within the industry and the focus on building a body of data to support the longevity of respective technologies.

One cannot also forget the rising profile of the renal denervation system, which represents a non-drug treatment option for hypertension. A reduction in systolic blood pressure, a function that underpins the technology, has cut incidents of stroke, heart disease and mortality. Most of the big players – including St Jude Medical and Medtronic – are working on significant trials of the devices, but it is also being driven by much smaller companies that want a slice of the action.

So there’s a lot to read – and a lot to take in and consider – about this year in our newly updated, and ever changing Cardiovascular Device Companies – Surveying the global competitive landscape report.

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