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Available now! Espicom Business Intelligence the ultimate interactive marketing and business planning tool for the medical device and technology industry!

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A New Force in Medical Market Research!

Combining Espicom’s world class data with a state-of-the-art analysis tool, Medistat Interactive takes medical market research to a new level.

Dashboard driven and rich in graphics, you can now easily mobilise key data, immediately compare and contrast key health indicators, infrastructure and market data for multiple markets at the click of a button. Track changes to historical/forecast data, export the data to other programs or create pdfs of charts and tables for inclusion in plans and presentations.

Whether it’s fast access through one of the many pre-defined tabs or the easy-to-use custom report builder, you have complete control over the data, making fast and efficient for your medical market research.

For over 30 years, Espicom has been the leader in analysing medical device and equipment markets worldwide. Its reputation as a provider of reliable and thorough information is well founded and its services are used by leading healthcare companies in more than 50 markets.

Key benefits & features of Medistat Interactive

Compare Key Indicators
How does per capita health spend compare in BRIC countries? What is the forecast market growth in orthopaedics in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary? With Medistat Interactive you can easily compare any statistics for any number of countries.
medistat interactive detailed country data snapshot

Strategic Insights
Medistat Interactive provides the strategic intelligence to support key investment, business planning and marketing decisions.

Market Snapshots
Easily review all statistics and forecasts for a particular market.

Medistat Interactive Market by Country Data Snapshot

Assess your company’s performance against actual market figures or monitor regional/national sales offices and the work of specialist sales agents.

Medical Sector Analysis
With actual figures and reliable forecasts, use Medistat Interactive to view market data on specific medical technology areas in the context of other health indicators.

medistat interactive medical market by category data snapshot

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