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Nuvilex, a company that dedicates itself to the development of natural and biotechnology products, has made the canny decision to up sticks and move its corporate headquarters from Scottsdale, AZ, to Silver Spring, MD – only four miles from the FDA’s doorstep. Nuvilex is hoping that the move – which is in its final stages – will give the company immediate access to the FDA’s resources as the company pursues clinical development of its pancreatic cancer treatment technology, as well as other biotechnology developments in the future.

Not only is the company’s HQ in the FDA’s backyard, it is also only about ten miles away from the National Institutes of Health, and the National Cancer Institute – both major sources of funding grants and research collaborations. To explain the move, Nuvilex’ President and CEO, Dr Robert F Ryan, said the new location “..will facilitate our interactions with the FDA, an important part of our overall strategic planning, especially given our recent entry into biotechnology and our plans for expansion in this area”.

Nuvilex’ pancreatic cancer treatment is currently being geared-up for more clinical trials, and apparently, significant advances are in progress with the company’s live-cell encapsulation technology. Natural products in development include Gluten-Free Cinnergen and others to enhance a healthy lifestyle. The company is also developing products designed for cosmetic use, flu treatment and the use of heavy-metal-free tattoo inks. Future developments are planned for Citroxin and Oraphyte, Nuvilex’ antimicrobial and antinematodal agents.

This article was kindly provided by Sophie Bracken, editor of Drug Delivery Insight for Espicom.

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