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Globus takes over motion-preservation specialist

Facet Solutions, a Hopkinton, MA-based developer of motion-preservation spinal implants, has been snapped-up by Globus Medical, the self-proclaimed largest private manufacturer of spinal implants in the world. Terms and conditions of the takeover were kept private between the two companies.

Facet Solutions has been involved in the development of total arthroplasty devices since 2003, and considers itself a leader in the field. Having completed pilots studies in the US, Europe and Brazil, the company’s lead product is Acadia, an unconstrained pedicle screw-based total facet replacement system. At the moment, Acadia is the subject of a Phase III IDE trial for symptomatic stenosis, but has seen a limited release in the EU. Globus’ President and COO, Dave Demski, intends to expand the device’s availability in select international markets immediately. The company sees the takeover as a “perfect fit” for its own corporate strategy, what with Globus’ past focus on posterior motion preservation. Facet Solutions will add to Globus’ posterior motion-sparing technology platform with a product that is already nearly half-way through its pivotal clinical trial.

Through the acquisition, Globus will be getting its hands on more than just the Acadia system. In 2009, Facet Solutions bought certain assets of Archus Orthopaedics, including the latter’s intellectual property, which combined over 100 patents and applications focused on posterior motion preservation technology. Combined with its own patent portfolio, David Paul, CEO of Globus, believes that this creates the strongest intellectual property portfolio in the segment.

Thank you to Sophie Bracken for this article, Sophie is editor of our monthly newsletter Orthopaedics Business.

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