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The Global Advanced Wound Care
Market to 2015

Competition intensifies as healthcare spending comes under pressure
Identify pressure points and opportunity areas!

November 16th 2010


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The advanced wound care sector is feeling the pressure...
In terms of the overall market, growth in the advanced wound care sector slowed significantly between 2008 and 2009. This was mainly the result of intensifying competition and lower healthcare spending as governments attempt to reduce deficits following the global economic downturn. Both of these factors have led to weaker pricing. Currently, there is much uncertainty as to when market conditions will improve, or how planned changes to healthcare budgets will impact the advanced wound care market.

...but will still grow by 4%
This new analysis forecasts market growth of around 4% for both 2010 and 2011. Although pricing is likely to remain weak at least in the short term, growth will come from the increasing numbers of chronic wounds and the introduction of new products.

The rise of biologics, but at what cost?
The biologics products market is characterised by more innovation than any other sector, although this is the smallest segment of the industry and barriers to market entry are the highest. While Espicom predicts solid market growth for biologic products to 2015, this will be dependent on companies having the funds to bring products to market and successfully completing their clinical development programmes.

Key statistics and forecasts provide a real insight to the future of this critical device sector

About the Author

This report has been researched and written by senior Espicom medical market analyst Joanne Maddox. For over 10 years she has played a pivotal role in tracking trends in medical device and equipment markets and companies. A former editor of Medical Device Companies Analysis she has also written:

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What this report will give you…

  • Extensive competitive comparisons and evaluation of 113 major and emerging companies

  • Market share for leading companies

  • Growth forecasts and market share to 2015 by product area and geographical region

Answering key questions...

  • What next for Kinetic Concepts in the NWPT sector?

  • What % of the European market will moist dressings account for in 2015?

  • Who’s developing products in the much debated silver dressings market?

  • Who’s partnering whom, and on what?