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Company Intelligence Report

April 30th 2012


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Headquartered in Raynham, Massachusetts and Warsaw, Indiana, in the US, Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy franchise is one of the world's leading orthopaedic companies and the oldest manufacturer of orthopaedic implants in the US. DePuy’s products are primarily used by orthopaedic specialists and spinal neurosurgeons to treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions resulting from degenerative diseases, deformities, trauma and sports-related injuries. The group also provides solutions for neurosurgical and neurovascular care.

The DePuy group consists of the following companies:-

Strategic acquisitions have broadened DePuy's leadership in various segments of its business. Hand Innovations added fracture fixation products for the upper extremities; Future Medical Systems provided arthroscopic fluid management systems and positioned DePuy at the forefront of minimally-invasive techniques in sports medicine; assets related to the treatment of vertebral compression fractures from Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies included the Confidence System, which consists of a proprietary delivery system and polymethylmethacrylate bone cement that can be injected directly into vertebral bodies to treat compression fractures; Finsbury Orthopaedics, which added new hip, knee, ankle and small joint implants to the DePuy portfolio, especially in the UK market; and Micrus Endovascular, a manufacturer of minimally-invasive devices for haemorrhagic and ischaemic stroke. Its largest acquisition to date, that of Synthes, an orthopaedics company, was pending at the time of the publication of this report.

In November 2011, the European Commission raised competition concerns and opened an in-depth investigation into the Synthes deal. At that time, observers predicted that DePuy would sell its trauma business to appease regulators. Indeed, at the beginning of April 2012, Biomet offered to acquire DePuy's worldwide trauma business for approximately US$280 million.

DePuy is Johnson & Johnson’s largest franchise within its Medical Devices and Diagnostics business, generating sales of US$5.8 billion in 2011 and with a global workforce of more than 5,300. It has manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Massachusetts, California and Florida in the US, as well as factories in Ireland, Mexico, France, Switzerland, the UK, Germany and China.

From the beginning of 2012, the DePuy franchise became known as Johnson & Johnson's Global Orthopaedics Group, which will include Synthes.

This company report provides

  • Key contact information
  • Introduction to the company and its current activities
  • Summary of its financial performance
  • Who are the company’s major competitors?
  • Key recent events in an “at a glance” format
Financial Review
  • Current year and annual financial data, including revenue breakdowns by product area and geographic region (if available)
  • Table providing in-depth five-year financial analysis
  • Employee data, including breakdown by company division and geographic location

Strategic Focus
Investigates the company’s aims and its areas of focus

Core product areas, key brands, product approvals and launches
Research and Development
  • How much has been invested in R&D?
  • Where is the research based?
  • What alliances and agreements does the company have and with whom?

Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Identifying the company’s manufacturing locations
  • Sales and marketing facilities

  • With whom has the company reached agreements and what do they involve?
  • Key contracts awarded

Mergers, Acquisitions, Minority Investments and Divestments


Key Corporate Events

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