Patents – Assigned to OFH

19 issued U.S. patents and related foreign filings

7,525,541 Data processing for three-dimensional displays 

7,477,252 Processing three dimensional data for spatial three dimensional displays 

7,364,300 Theta-parallax-only (TPO) displays 

7,286,128 System and method for rendering data associated with a 3-D scene description 

7,283,308 Optical systems for generating three-dimensional images 

7,277,226 Radial multiview three-dimensional displays

 7,221,375 System and method for generating dithering patterns associated with a digital image 

7,023,466 Three-dimensional display systems 

7,012,601 Line drawing for a volumetric display 

6,940,653 Radiation conditioning system 

6,888,545 Rasterization of polytopes in cylindrical coordinates

 6,885,372 Rasterization of lines in a polar pixel grid 

6,873,335 Graphics memory system for volumetric displays 

6,554,430 Volumetric three-dimensional display system (Perspecta

6,512,498 Volumetric stroboscopic display 

6,489,961 Rasterization of lines in a cylindrical voxel grid 

6,487,020 Volumetric three-dimensional display architecture

 6,183,088 Three-dimensional display system

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